Venice 06.08.15

Sorry for the radio silence these past few days – I was in London for the week for lots of fun and a bit of business.  Although I originally planned on posting through the week things got a bit overwhelming and I needed to take a time out.

But I’m back in business and sharing some of my favorite snaps from a surprise trip to Venice I took last Monday {literally booked my flight Monday morning and landed in Venice that night.} And holy gorgeous it was beautiful.  From the architecture to the sunshine, I felt like my head was on a swivel all day long trying to absorb everything.

As Venice wasn’t a planned trip, I wasn’t very prepared on the outfit front.  Thank goodness I packed a cute and so comfy romper in hopes of getting some sunshine.




Venice-Wilfred-Romper-Loeffer-Randall-Flats-10 Venice-Wilfred-Romper-Loeffer-Randall-Flats




ROMPER {on sale} // ESPADRILLES // NECKLACE // PURSE {Chloe via Luxury Garage Sale} // SUNNIES

Happy Monday!


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