Venice 06.08.15

Sorry for the radio silence these past few days – I was in London for the week for lots of fun and a bit of business.  Although I originally planned on posting through the week things got a bit overwhelming and I needed to take a time out.

But I’m back in business and sharing some of my favorite snaps from a surprise trip to Venice I took last Monday {literally booked my flight Monday morning and landed in Venice that night.} And holy gorgeous it was beautiful.  From the architecture to the sunshine, I felt like my head was on a swivel all day long trying to absorb everything.

As Venice wasn’t a planned trip, I wasn’t very prepared on the outfit front.  Thank goodness I packed a cute and so comfy romper in hopes of getting some sunshine.




Venice-Wilfred-Romper-Loeffer-Randall-Flats-10 Venice-Wilfred-Romper-Loeffer-Randall-Flats




ROMPER {on sale} // ESPADRILLES // NECKLACE // PURSE {Chloe via Luxury Garage Sale} // SUNNIES

Happy Monday!


packing with a purpose


Have you ever filled your suitcase to the brim with a million outfit options, only to wake up the first day of your trip and realize you have no idea what to wear? Ugh, I’ve been there.  I travel a lot for work, sometimes on a day’s notice, so packing has become second nature for me these days.  I try to simplify how and what I pack to make life a little less stressful while I’m away. Below are three simple habits I’ve adopted when packing for a trip.


  1. Make a list – I make a list for just about anything and everything you can think of, but a packing list is a must for everyone {not just OCD peeps like me}. It forces you to think about the necessities in advance and helps make sure you don’t leave something important behind. I check items off as I pack them and leave the list on my dresser to glance over just before I leave because remembering my phone charger {since I used it the night before} is always a struggle.
  2. Pack by outfit – I’ve recently started packing my suitcase by outfit, so it’s a no-brainer when I go to get dressed on a vacay. I style my entire outfit {clothes, shoes, jewelry*} and try it on, so I know I’ll like it before I leave.  This means the outfit stress happens at home and not while I’m trying to relax on my trip. It also means that when I wake up in the morning my outfits are already packed together, so I’m not digging through my suitcase to find the tank top that matches my floral shorts. Crisis and mess averted.
  3. Create dynamic outfits – Okay I’ve packed by outfit but what if I get to Mexico and it rains every day? First, I will have a 30 second temper tantrum and then I will remind myself that I packed accordingly.  Packing dynamic outfits means sometimes leaving a patterned sweater at home and opting for a more neutral option that can be worn with anything, if necessary.  Although I would prefer to wear my floral shorts with the tank top I planned, I can easily swap out my denim or white jeans.  My black sweater can be worn with almost each of my outfits and if I prefer to wear flats instead of wedges to dinner I can easily adapt.  I try and only pack things that can be worn in at least 2 outfits, if not 3.

*I always pack my jewelry, make-up, and a spare outfit in my carry-on because you never know what’s going to happen to your bag once it’s out of your hands.


And it’s off to Mexico for this girl!


what’s in my travel beauty bag


I absolutely despise packing for trips. Every time I go on vacation I wait until the very last second and usually end up staying up all night {of course underestimating how long it will take me}. Very ideal when I have an early morning flight, ugh.

Surprisingly, the reason I hate it isn’t because I take time picking out multiple outfits to bring {which you may have expected}. It’s actually quite the opposite – I am a very light packer. It stresses me out having too many options while on vacation and if I can’t make a decision at home, then I likely won’t be able to make one there. So I try to limit myself at home so it requires no thought when I’m on vacation. But one thing that I never have a problem with is packing toiletries – I’ve become a pro at what I need, what I’ll want, and it really doesn’t vary based on where I’m going. Here’s a peak inside of my travel “beauty” bag.


Murad Suncreen: Most of my vacations include a lot of walking around and sunshine if it’s up to me :) However, whether it’s sunny or not, I always apply this sunscreen during the day. It’s the ONLY sunscreen I’ve tried that doesn’t break my {randomly sensitive} skin out. It’s a bit pricey, but I use the smallest amount {a little less than dime size all over my face and neck} and it lasts me Not in love with its citrus-y scent, but it doesn’t stick around.

Cerave PM: My new found favorite face lotion thanks to a recommendation from my friend Melanie {check out her guru feature here!} She has flawless skin so of course I took her advice. I’m starting to learn sometimes less is more when it comes to skincare. I’m always searching for a miracle product in higher-end brands when this has been next door at Walgreen’s the whole time…and my wallet says thank you! I use this on days where I’m not outside much or at night. Sidetone: it is a thinner consistency for a night cream, so if you are particular about that then be aware if you like a really thick and hydrating night cream.

Acure Organics Argan Oil: This is my multi-use product for vacations. If my skin is feeling extra dry due to the climate I’m traveling to, I mix it with my face moisturizer. If my hair is looking a little frizzy or dry then I dab a little on the ends for an easy fix. I have chronically dry cuticles, especially in the winter, so it comes in handy for them as well! The possibilities are endless.

Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo: I really don’t need to say anything more about my obsession with dry shampoo {I said it all here and here}. I tend to wash my hair everyday when I’m on vacations {ouch} but still need it with me just in case I don’t or if I need some extra volume.

Mac Fix Plus: I normally have a travel size of this product, but just ran out so excuse the larger one for the sake of the photo! This stuff comes in handy after flights when you need a little spritz of hydration on your face. It is also great for holding your makeup in place if you’ll be out all day or to spray on your makeup after hours of wear to give it a fresh, just applied look.

Scrunchy: Need this with me. To put my hair up when I sleep;my hair’s too long to leave down while sleeping and a thinner hair-tie can leave your hair tangled and cause breakage.

Headband: One of my odd pet peeves is getting my hair around my face wet when I’m washing my face. This thing comes with me everywhere I go – it’s the best!

Purity Facewash: The best face wash for traveling. It comes in a cute little travel size bottle and it doubles as a makeup remover {even for eye makeup} so you only have to pack one item for your makeup removal/cleansing routine.

Clarisonic: I charge this before I go and bring it with me. Although my cosmetic bag doesn’t appear that large in the picture, it’s the one that came with my Clarisonic and it easily fits all of my necessary items! I could do without if that wasn’t the case, but I do love cleansing with it if I have the choice. Clarisonic+Purity=perfection.

Eye Mask: If I’m traveling to a new place or hotel, I never know what the curtains/natural lighting situation will be like. I wake up at the crack of dawn when a stream of light comes in the room, so it never hurts to be prepared to get beauty sleep. After all, I don’t want to be exhausted due to lack of sleep when I am trying to enjoy my vacation!

Hope my tips help – I’d love to hear what necessities you can’t live without while traveling!


barry818 travels // London

covent garden st

Covent garden -neals-yard

Portobello market - london - notting hill



The london eye 2

Covent garden

tower bridge

It was a short but sweet trip to London.  I ate, drank, and walked entirely too much for one weekend – below are some of my favorite highlights from the trip!

Portobello road – Notting Hill // besides my obvious need to stroll down Portobello road in search of a book store containing my own personal Hugh Grant {wait what?}, Portobello road {and Notting Hill as a whole} is so charming with the mulit-colored flats and the overflowing shops – I could spend an entire weekend exploring this area.

Neal’s Yard – Covent Garden // as I was exploring Covent Garden I stumbled upon the most adorable courtyard.  Hidden in the midst of bustling shops and street performers is this quaint rainbow colored alley filled with coffee shops, organic cafes and the most amazing organic skincare store – Neal’s Yard Remedies.

Brick Lane – Shoreditch // this ultra-hipster area {entirely too cool for me} is filled with dozens of vintage stores.  The Sunday UpMarket has everything from independent designer’s clothing to arts and crafts.  When I was all shopped out I moseyed over to the dozens of artisan food stalls. But serious forewarning – wear a beanie and/or grow a beard before you go.

Where i ate // 10 greeks street {such a cozy atmosphere – walk-ins only} // santo – notting hill {yes, I eat Mexican food in every country I visit – the pastor cazuelas are a must} // hawksmoor {best proper Sunday roast in London!} // the wolseley {perfect for afternoon tea}

When can I go back?

xx // e