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I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to share my travel wall and floating shelf designs – but better late than never!

The idea for my travel wall was born when my sister sent me a vintage map of Paris a few weeks before our last adventure together in Europe.  I picked up one special item/memory piece in each location {a pencil drawing of the Ponte Vecchio, an elephant from a market, a photo on our Cinque Terre trek} and combined those with a few items from my other favorites in this big ole’ world.  I love that this collection is something I can continue to build on as I grow and experiences new places.  And it’s also fairly inexpensive to execute {2 for 1 frames at Michael’s, inexpensive but adorable Etsy prints, street artists paintings, a table book, and my little wishbone all for under $150!}


E {similar} // KC PRINT // & // STOP and SMELL the ROSES //BOOKS {similar} // DIFFUSER

This next set are the floating shelves in my bedroom.  My bedroom is really bright and white {white bedding, white dressers, white shelves, white, white, white}, so I like to add splashes of color and personality with my decor.  Although I’m always rearranging stacks of table books {yes, I may have an addiction} or adding new trinkets, I try to keep the over all vibe classic and simple and most importantly, meaningful to me. So yes, I was given a purple bunny rabbit for Christmas, made by my sweet niece, and I had it on display for months {his head is struggling to stay on, so he’s currently on bed rest} and it made me smile every single day.

Rearranging/adding to/taking from a space in your home is such a quick and easy way to refresh a room.  It doesn’t always need to be with something new – take a frame from the living room and swap it with one in a different room, swap a candle with the diffuser, change or add a new book to the stack {ha}. The warmer weather always inspires me to switch things up!

Happy Monday!