Summer Eats!

I have seven days left in my little apartment {sigh} before I crash with a friend for a few months while I’m in between places.  Since I’ve been gone for a few weeks, my fridge was literally empty, so before I went to the store I decided to play a fun game – use everything I have left in my pantry to make meals before I move.

I started flipping through Cooking Light {yes I like to browse the actual magazines like a granny} and so far this week I’m two for two on seriously delicious {and easy} eats.  Below is my line-up for the week:


Sunday I made Shrimp Arrabbiate, a spicy shrimp dish, but instead of pasta I used couscous because why do I have 6 boxes of cous cous?  I had all the ingredients necessary {wine, obvs. Shrimp, onion, garlic – check, check, check. And a few others staples.}  The only two missing were fresh basil and red bell pepper.


Bachelor Monday {!!!} my friends and I tried our hands at a thai basil dish {we subbed shrimp for red meat and added some extra heat} and it. was. delicious.  It was lighter than a pad thai, super easy to make and again I had most ingredients on hand.


Tonight I’m going with a ridiculously easy and delicious quinoa enchilada casserole.  I hate using the word casserole because it reminds me of a yucky creamy something, but I swear this one doesn’t disappoint.  I mean it’s Mexican food, can it go wrong? I think not.


Did I mention I love Mexican food? Wednesday I’m making Huevos Rancheros tacos because why eat Mexican food one day a week when you can eat is every day?  Also, because I have so many eggs and black beans that I could feed the Duggars.


Thursday I’m super excited to try these spinach quinoa cakes because I’ve attempted a few of these recipes and haven’t found one that I love.  Hopefully this one is a keeper.

By the end of the week I’ll have a few new recipes under my belt and an almost-empty cupboard.  Also, my grocery bill was half what I normally spend.  I mean, I know sometimes when I go to the grocery story hungry things can get out of hand, but does planning/buying specific ingredients per meal per day help that much? Apparently so.  Am I the only one that didn’t know this?

See my full summer recipe line-up here