Beauty mix up – Lash primer


A month or so ago, I walked into Sephora on a mission for a lash primer I wanted to try.  My method at Sephora is similar to Target, enter with a specific item in mind and put blinders on or you’re in danger of leaving with a new toaster that you cannot live without.  When I got home, I realized I grabbed the wrong primer {ugh}.  But I read the reviews and it seemed like a hit, so I decided to give it a try {way too risky to go back into Sephora}.  I couldn’t wait to show you guys the results, but fair warning these close-ups are intense.  I put my daily mascara on below with and without the primer, so we could compare the two.

1. bare lashes


3. Diorshow Maximizer primer on the left {it goes on white) // bare lashes on the right

{this picture is really creepy – I know- but look how much the primer lengthens!}


4. primer lashes on the left // regular on the right


Besides extra length, I’ve noticed the biggest difference in how long the mascara stays on my lashes using the primer.  Usually, by the time I take my makeup off at night, the majority of my mascara has fallen or faded.  I’m not kidding they are fully intact with this primer!

My silly mix up must have been fate.


beauty routine // my everyday make-up

// shop my go-to look //
I like to keep my every day make-up routine simple, natural, and easy to apply.
base // I start by applying CC cream {the CC stands for color corrector} which not only brightens but also repairs and moisturizes the skin throughout the day, then apply Jouer’s matte tinted moisturizer for a little more coverage and color.
face // I use Bare Minerals matte foundation as a light bronzer and Bobbi Brown’s blush in rose petal.
eyes//  I start by adding a natural eye shadow in shell, then cover up my dark under-eyes with concealer, throw some highlighter in the corners of my eyes {at least it gives the illusion that I’m semi-awake}. If I’m feeling extra spunky {and it’s not a Monday} I use my brow pencil as liner and smudge it a bit on the top and bottom.
brows & lashes // Last but clearly not least, I fill in my brows, and apply my mascara(s) {lash stiletto and then telescopic.}
Throw on some gloss and I’m out the door in seven minutes flat!
What’s your every day routine?
xx // e


lash love

IMG_6459// before //


IMG_6569 // after //

If anyone knows us, they know after brows come lashes in order of importance. I have searched long and hard for the perfect mascara combo (because let’s be honest, 1 is never enough). It’s been quite a journey with plenty of fails but I have finally found it with these three… holy grail status. Read on if you want to know what they are and the method to my madness.


Step 1 // Cake it on with Dior Exstase Blackest Black

dior extase







I always start with this one; it has a funky applicator and deposits a LOT of product onto the brush, and therefore onto your lashes. I apply two quick coats without dipping back in the tube in-between coats. Don’t worry about getting right down to your lash line yet since it’s easy to get messy with this one. The staying power of this mascara is insane – there is shellac in the ingredients which keeps your lashes from flaking or smearing throughout the day yet it comes off without a hassle using makeup remover.



Step 2 // Comb it out with L’oreal Paris Telescopic Mascara, Carbon Black

l'oreal telescopic








This is my favorite drugstore mascara and coming in under $10, it is my wallet’s favorite as well. This mascara has the BEST brush to comb out your lashes; it’s more like a multi-sided comb. It helps to evenly deposit the prior Dior coats and this is when I really get down to the roots of my lashes and pump ‘em outward.

{Sidenote: if you are going to use this mascara alone with multiple coats I recommend you let them dry for a bit before reapplication because it can get clumpy if you keep applying on wet lashes}



Step 3 // Lengthen with YSL Babydoll in Black

ysl babydoll







This step makes the biggest difference for me. It may seem crazy to use a third mascara but I highly recommend it. There’s something about this mascara; it’s able to grab onto your lashes  without removing the product and really lengthen them {most likely because of the short bristled rubber brush}. Although this mascara tends to dry out on me pretty quickly, I always keep it around until I can get my hands on a new tube because I love the brush so much.

Trust me, I’m well aware it’s a bit psychotic excessive to use three mascaras. Since I do work full-time and don’t always have the luxury of doing this routine on mornings when I’m in a rush, if I were to pick one it would be the YSL Babydoll. It has its drawbacks when used by itself {not as long-lasting and can flake} but it is a must try. However, if you have the time to use all three you will get the BEST results I assure you!


Thanks for reading!

xx // s