top volumizers // my favorites

My hair routine is simple and I don’t really deviate – wash my hair everyday {I know it’s bad and Sydney strongly disapproves}, add this heat protectant and a volumizer, blow it out {also a problem}, and go! I know it sounds crazy, but it’s only a 20 minute endeavor – I’ve mastered the timing.  But without a volumizer my blowout starts to lose its body by lunchtime and I didn’t put in all that hard work for nothing. Ergo, my hunt for the perfect volumizer is never ending.

1. More than a volumizer // Kerastase – resistance mousse volumactive

Kerastase - volumactive mousse

Although it’s on the pricey side, I’ve always been a fan of the Kerastase products and treatments I’ve tried and this volumizer is no different.  I use a golf ball sized amount and apply the product to my damp roots after towel-drying my hair – it leaves my hair feeling bouncy and healthy without any stickiness or residue. I think of this product as more than a volumizer – it also adds shine, smells amazing, and conditions all in one.

volume: 5 (good volume but not over the top Texas hair)

residue: 10 (no residue or stickiness and doesn’t weigh down my hair)

2. Over the top volume // Oribe – grandiose mousse

Grandiose is my special occasion volumizer when I’m looking for some serious volume that I don’t necessarily want on my typical day in the office.  A palmful of grandiose mousse and a blow out leaves my hair looking and smelling amazing – although it does feel like there is product in my hair.

volume:9 (almost too much volume, in a good way)

residue: 6 (that larger than life volume comes with slight residue; not a great option if you want your blow out to last multiple days)

3. The perfect balance // Catwalk – Root Boost

Root boost is my current every day volumizer – it’s $13 and gives great volume.  The product is a really light mousse that I apply to damp hair in small spurts along my roots – I’m careful not to over apply in any area {over application leaves unnecessary residue and will weigh down your hair}. Root boost is the perfect balance – giving great lift and fuller hair like the Grandiose mousse, while looking and feeling natural like the Kerastase volumactive.

volume: 7 (great volume, applied only to the roots!)

residue: 4 (leaves minor residue, but doesn’t ruin next-day hair)

4. THE TESTER // amika – bombshell blowout spray

A friend had rave reviews about this one after receiving it in her birchbox and I’m a sucker for testing new things!

volume: ??

residue: ??

Stay tuned for my thoughts!


top 5 hair products // my favorites

When it comes to hair products, I’ve always been a ‘less is more’ person which is surprising because I can’t say no to the newest makeup item on the shelves; when I walk into Sephora I lose all self-control. I think since I have fine hair {just a lot of it} I tend to think that the more products I use, the more it will weigh my hair down so I tend to stick to my favorite few products and use them as needed. I don’t really experiment with too many hair products and when I find something I love, I stay with it. Each of my favorite products has a different purpose and if any of them got discontinued…I wouldn’t know what to do.

1. Kerastase Elixir Ultime The Imperial

Kerastase Elixir

This is my newest favorite and not only have I gotten compliments on how my hair smells {literally amazing} but I also love how girly I feel when I use this product since it comes in pretty packaging and is pink {I’m fully aware that is a silly reason but hey, at least I admit it}. I used this before a blow out and noticed it made my hair shiny and silky smooth. If you have frizzy hair or flyaways after you blow dry this could be great. It is amazing if you want a lightweight oil and it works on wet or dry hair for finishing touches.

2. L’Oreal Elnett Satin Extra Strong Hold Unscented Hairspray

loreal hairspray

rarely use hairspray. Mainly because I don’t need it when I flat iron or blow out my hair, and I personally think certain hairsprays ruins curls {they also don’t look as good the next day}. My only use for hairspray usually comes if I have fly aways near my part. However, it would work amazing for all your hairspray needs.

This hairspray is different from any I’ve ever tried because the spray comes out very “airy” and it doesn’t spray too much in one certain place on your hair {which we have all experienced before}. It leaves your hair soft after application and it is easy to brush out without leaving your hair stiff, although it will still feel like there is additional product in your hair. I get the scentless version and it lasts me forever since I barely use it! If I don’t want to apply a lot I’ll hold it a good distance away and spray it on my hand and then style with my fingers.

3. Moroccan Oil

moroccan oil

This product has a cult following so I am sure you have heard of it or seen it at your hair salon. I’ve tried a couple of other Argan Oils {Acure Organics & Josie Maran for example} and found this is the best one for hair. My favorite way to use this is when I curl ironed my hair {on the second day} after I brush my curls out. I rub one pump together in my hands and brush it through with my fingers from my ears down. This is the best way to achieve the soft/silky/beachy waves that are my favorite :)

4. Lulu Organics Hair Powder {Dry Shampoo}

lulu organics dry shampoo

You may remember this product from when I raved about it here. This is my favorite dry shampoo for so many reasons and definitely a product I use all the time. Whether it is on clean hair for extra volume or second {or even sometimes third} day hair :) it always makes my hair look like it was freshly washed! And when I curl my hair, I think it looks better the longer I leave my hair between washes thanks to this stuff! I order it on amazon here and I just ordered the travel size for some upcoming trips.

5. Alterna Bamboo Smooth Anti-Breakage Thermal Protectant Spray

alterna bamboo

This is my holy grail hair product. I’ve been using it for a couple years now and have turned multiple friends onto it as well. I was looking for a good hair protectant for when I heat style it and I tried and hated the Tresemme one {with the red sprayer} that I see many beauty bloggers using. I don’t think it did anything and the more I used the more disgusting my hair started to feel. I gave the Alterna Bamboo a shot on a whim during one of my Sephora sprees and I’m SO glad I did. It’s a creamy consistency and a little goes a long way. Although it’s a spray bottle don’t spray it directly on your hair! Since it’s a lotion-type texture it will just stay in the exact area where you spray it. If you have similar length of hair to mine, take about 4 sprays in your hands and rub them together and then from your ears and down. If you have shorter hair, adjust accordingly. If I’m blow drying my hair, I’ll do this when it is damp beforehand. And if I let my hair air dry, I wait until it’s dry and then apply the same way on dry hair and proceed with a flat iron or curling iron. Not only does this protect your hair from the heat but it also makes your hair so silky, shiny and feel amazing. This wins as my favorite hair product by far!

Have you guys tried any of these products? I’d love to know your thoughts and any favorites you may have!

xx // s




dry shampoo showdown

Happy Monday!

Today we’re talking dry shampoo. A mystery to men, a best friend to women everywhere. I’m so mad I didn’t discover it years ago. If you haven’t tried it, you will soon feel the same way. Not only does it add a bit of volume to clean hair that is falling flat, but it allows for you to go longer in-between washes which is SO important in keeping your hair healthy and for allowing it to grow long. Having long hair myself, it is such a process to wash it and style it every single day {no thanks}, so dry shampoo is my life saver. I have tried many dry shampoos in my day, but here are the three that are always on the top of my list:

If you like a spray: Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo Invisible Spray

oscar blandi3

This lightweight formula doesn’t weigh hair down while keeping it clean and voluminous. The spray allows you to apply a little at a time so you don’t have to worry about adding way too much by accident.

If you like a powder: Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo

oscar blandi

Oscar Blandi just gets it right when it comes to dry shampoo. This is the first one I’ve ever tried so it is near and dear to my heart. Personally, I prefer a powder which may be surprising because usually it’s tougher for brunettes to use a white powder in their hair but if you use just the right amount it will never leave a gray cast on your hair {just don’t overdo it}. The key to remember with dry shampoo is a little goes a long way, no matter how greasy your hair is! Don’t dump a bunch on at first, start little by little and continually add more if you need it.

For the all-natural girl: Lulu Organics Hair Powder {Jasmine Scented}


This is my winner; this is the one that currently has my heart. On top of blending seamlessly into my hair, the ingredients are all natural so I don’t have to worry about what I’m rubbing into my hair and scalp! It’s similar to the Oscar Blandi powder dry shampoo except it’s more of a fine powder which allows it to blend into the hair unnoticably. You can find it on Amazon here.

If you are one of those people who think you have too greasy of hair and you HAVE to wash your hair every single day I challenge you to try this! If you don’t want to purchase an entire container of dry shampoo you can even make your own. All you need is Arrowroot or Cornstarch {for blonde hair}, and add a bit of cocoa powder if you have dark hair. Voila! A cheap alternative to a dry shampoo that works great and is all-natural as well.

Cheers to not washing your hair :)

xx // s