Beauty mix up – Lash primer


A month or so ago, I walked into Sephora on a mission for a lash primer I wanted to try.  My method at Sephora is similar to Target, enter with a specific item in mind and put blinders on or you’re in danger of leaving with a new toaster that you cannot live without.  When I got home, I realized I grabbed the wrong primer {ugh}.  But I read the reviews and it seemed like a hit, so I decided to give it a try {way too risky to go back into Sephora}.  I couldn’t wait to show you guys the results, but fair warning these close-ups are intense.  I put my daily mascara on below with and without the primer, so we could compare the two.

1. bare lashes


3. Diorshow Maximizer primer on the left {it goes on white) // bare lashes on the right

{this picture is really creepy – I know- but look how much the primer lengthens!}


4. primer lashes on the left // regular on the right


Besides extra length, I’ve noticed the biggest difference in how long the mascara stays on my lashes using the primer.  Usually, by the time I take my makeup off at night, the majority of my mascara has fallen or faded.  I’m not kidding they are fully intact with this primer!

My silly mix up must have been fate.