Father’s days finds under $150

Father's Day Finds under $150

Where did June go? or May for that matter? How is Father’s day THIS Sunday?  My dad rarely splurges on himself, so we always give him something special that he wouldn’t buy and will get great use out of.  I’ve rounded up a few items on this year’s list and some cards because I take my card game very, very seriously.

My dad has been slaving away to create a beautiful outdoor patio and screened-in porch over the past few months, so I think these Moscow mule mugs or personal beer flight would be a nice reward for all of his hard work.  An outdoor sound system would be perfect for nights out on the new patio and this grill set is a bargain for $48 – that apron is just the cherry on top.

Good ole daddio also sees no need for shopping {where did I come from.. cough mom}, so a nice dress shirt, golf shirt, or some loafers is always a good call.

What are your Father’s Day favorites?

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Venice 06.08.15

Sorry for the radio silence these past few days – I was in London for the week for lots of fun and a bit of business.  Although I originally planned on posting through the week things got a bit overwhelming and I needed to take a time out.

But I’m back in business and sharing some of my favorite snaps from a surprise trip to Venice I took last Monday {literally booked my flight Monday morning and landed in Venice that night.} And holy gorgeous it was beautiful.  From the architecture to the sunshine, I felt like my head was on a swivel all day long trying to absorb everything.

As Venice wasn’t a planned trip, I wasn’t very prepared on the outfit front.  Thank goodness I packed a cute and so comfy romper in hopes of getting some sunshine.




Venice-Wilfred-Romper-Loeffer-Randall-Flats-10 Venice-Wilfred-Romper-Loeffer-Randall-Flats




ROMPER {on sale} // ESPADRILLES // NECKLACE // PURSE {Chloe via Luxury Garage Sale} // SUNNIES

Happy Monday!


Random Things on Thursday

R.T.O.T 6.3.2015

Happy Thursday! This week is full of errands and packing, as I’m off to London next week!  Followed by a week of teaching the new-hires in Orlando.  I’ll still be posting throughout my trips, but be sure to following along on Instagram to see more!

1. Rose water – Both my flights to and from London this weekend are overnight – this rose water is going to be my new best friend, along with lots and lots of actual water and hopefully some sleep! *Not-so-glamorous side note, last time I took an overnight flight {Chicago to Rome} my feet were so swollen when we landed that my shoes didn’t fit. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

2. NARS, cruising – My new go-to lip color

3. Is J.Crew slipping? – This is an interesting reading from last week’s Wall Street Journal about the lack of quality and poor fit at J.Crew these past few seasons.  I’m a big fan of J.Crew and have been for years, so maybe it’s just me, but this data surprised me.  I do agree the clothes are getting a bit pricey, but I’ve never had an issue with quality.  And with the frequency of their “30% off everything” emails they’ve basically trained us to wait until an item goes on sale. Are you still on the J.Crew bandwagon? *I linked to the Facebook version of the article to hopefully surpass the subscription wall for you.

4. The Australian blog by two best friends, They All Hate Us, has been one of my favorites for years, but this month they are especially killing it. *Elle’s sister hand-makes the rings I’m always gushing over – Baby Anything

5. All the things – I relate to Jess’ post so, so much.  I want to do all the things and I want to live in multiple places all at once.  I love Chicago and all of my friends, but I miss my family and the little ones growing up at home.  However, I wouldn’t mind living in a completely new place and the adventures that experience would hold.  Is it too much to ask to live in all the places?

101 things in 1001 days completed // Purchased and started taking the vitamins my doctor told me about 3 months ago, Learned how to set on a button thanks to sewing lessons from my mama, sent my second of five “for no reason” gifts, started my 1 month of no shopping {sigh}, tried 1 of 10 new recipes {seriously, the quinoa enchilada recipe I mentioned in the last RTOT was delicious and so so easy}.

currently listening to // Cheerleader by OMI  currently reading // ugh, still haven’t started All the Light We Cannot See


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currently craving // corals + lace

currently craving

You guys, it’s day numero dos of my month with no shopping {1 of my 101 things in 1001 days} and this b-e-a-utiful collage is not helping.  But just because I’m on the struggle bus doesn’t mean you have to suffer with me, I’m just going to live vicariously through you!  Here’s the low down on this week’s picks –

*My mom and I stopped in Luxury Garage Sale over the weekend and ugh, they have the best treasures.  This pair of earrings would be the perfect wedding guest accessory

*Camel Vince slip-ons have been on my radar since Christmas – of course they go on sale while I’m fasting {is that what we call this?}

*These coral espadrilles are the perfect accent to a ripped denim + white button down day

*I’ve mentioned my love for jewels by Baby Anything a few times – this tiny flower is calling my name

*I’m also loving the Chic Wish new arrivals – easy on the budget and work appropriate – like this top and this dress

*And last but definitely not least, I need this fluffy stool in my bedroom reading nook ASAP

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