I want everything.

I want everything

I’m so sorry I have been completely MIA for the past few weeks – with traveling for two weeks, moving out of my apartment, and getting settled in to my temporary home, it’s been more than stressful.  I’ve also been working on some really fun new projects that I can’t wait to share with you over the next few weeks!

In the mean time, I feel like I want to splurge on every outfit post I’ve seen this week.  Maybe I think they’re the cutest things ever because I’m writing this on the first day post-shopping fast or maybe they truly are the cutest things ever – either way, if each outfit could appear in my closet I promise to love them forever.

Below are a few of my go-to blogs for outfit inspiration that do a great job mixing brand name with budget-friendly pieces.  Also sidenote, those lace-up espadrilles are a DIY version of the Aquazzura flats we’ve seen everywhere this season!

Have a fabulous holiday weekend!


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