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gallery wall 2

I recently took a shelf down {precautionary measure – it was barely hanging on} and I’m left with a completely blank slate {wall} as a result.  I’m envisioning a simple {but awesome} gallery wall with a few pieces of wall art, a couple of my favorite homemade art treasures from my nieces and maybe a framed scarf or two?

I’ve been wanting to frame vintage Hermes scarfs in my bedroom for months now and the shelf {almost} falling is a solid reason to make it happen {warped logic, but whatever}.  I love the blue hues of this one but I also love the blue and red here.  The SS print shop is the other key ingredient to my little gallery of heaven, Stephanie’s prints are the perfect accent.  I’ve been eyeing this glam print but there are too many options, how’s a girl to decide?

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