Random Things on Thursday

R.T.O.T 6.3.2015

Happy Thursday! This week is full of errands and packing, as I’m off to London next week!  Followed by a week of teaching the new-hires in Orlando.  I’ll still be posting throughout my trips, but be sure to following along on Instagram to see more!

1. Rose water – Both my flights to and from London this weekend are overnight – this rose water is going to be my new best friend, along with lots and lots of actual water and hopefully some sleep! *Not-so-glamorous side note, last time I took an overnight flight {Chicago to Rome} my feet were so swollen when we landed that my shoes didn’t fit. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

2. NARS, cruising – My new go-to lip color

3. Is J.Crew slipping? – This is an interesting reading from last week’s Wall Street Journal about the lack of quality and poor fit at J.Crew these past few seasons.  I’m a big fan of J.Crew and have been for years, so maybe it’s just me, but this data surprised me.  I do agree the clothes are getting a bit pricey, but I’ve never had an issue with quality.  And with the frequency of their “30% off everything” emails they’ve basically trained us to wait until an item goes on sale. Are you still on the J.Crew bandwagon? *I linked to the Facebook version of the article to hopefully surpass the subscription wall for you.

4. The Australian blog by two best friends, They All Hate Us, has been one of my favorites for years, but this month they are especially killing it. *Elle’s sister hand-makes the rings I’m always gushing over – Baby Anything

5. All the things – I relate to Jess’ post so, so much.  I want to do all the things and I want to live in multiple places all at once.  I love Chicago and all of my friends, but I miss my family and the little ones growing up at home.  However, I wouldn’t mind living in a completely new place and the adventures that experience would hold.  Is it too much to ask to live in all the places?

101 things in 1001 days completed // Purchased and started taking the vitamins my doctor told me about 3 months ago, Learned how to set on a button thanks to sewing lessons from my mama, sent my second of five “for no reason” gifts, started my 1 month of no shopping {sigh}, tried 1 of 10 new recipes {seriously, the quinoa enchilada recipe I mentioned in the last RTOT was delicious and so so easy}.

currently listening to // Cheerleader by OMI  currently reading // ugh, still haven’t started All the Light We Cannot See


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101 things in 1001 days

101 things in 1001 days image

I’m not a big fan of serious goal setting because I think sometimes we chase unrealistic or unfulfilling “shiny pennies” as Jess Lively would call them.  But a month or so ago I mentioned I wanted to jump on the 101 things in 1001 days bandwagon inspired by The Design Darling – so here we go! My list is lighthearted and fun and mostly filled with things I’ve thought about or talked about doing that get lost in the busy-ness of life.  I’ll tick them off as I go, so hold me accountable if I start slacking!

Start date: April 30, 2015

End date: January 25, 2018


  1. Write my first 101 in 1001 days list
  2. Unplug completely for 24 hours (no phone, no computer, no television, no blog)
  3. Go one month without shopping {other than groceries, gotta eat ya’ll} {June 2015, why did I pick a month in the summer?}
  4. Learn how to curl my hair
  5. Complete the 100 item giveaway challenge {25 of 100 complete} (moving across the atlantic with only 3 suitcases made this one easy!)
  6. Go to bed every night at 10pm for two weeks straight
  7. Wake up at 6 am every day for two weeks straight
  8. Wake up without snoozing for two weeks straight
  9. Walk to and from work for two weeks straight (one of the best parts of my day!)
  10. Read 30 new books { 10/30 – Girl on the Train, Crazy Rich Girlfriend, Five Love Languages,The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, After You, Big Little Lies, The Women in Cabin 10, The Nightingale, The Girls, All the Light We Cannot See }
  11. See two concerts {Both an hour before the concerts, both completely spontaneous, both amazing – Taylor Swift concert and Saturday of Lollapalooza}
  12. Re-learn how to tie a tie
  13. Finish the gallery wall
  14. Donate blood at the work blood drive
  15. Start using day planner {started using this one}
  16. Donate to a cause I believe in
  17. Volunteer for a cause I believe in
  18. Start the 5 minute journal {started 5.12.15}
  19. Bring coffee from home for two weeks straight {aka no Starbucks}
  20. Find glasses I actually like to wear
  21. Buy coffee for the stranger behind me
  22. Complete and hold a handstand in yoga class
  23. Purchase and take the vitamins my doctors told me about 3 months ago
  24. Go an entire year without cracking my iphone screen {ugh, year one = fail}
  25. Unsubscribe from 20 email lists {unsubscribed from 31!}
  26. Cook dinner at home every night for a week
  27. Take a personal day from work with no plans
  28. Say yes to something outside my comfort zone {Hi – eating at a restaurant by myself!}
  29. Get promoted {June 2016}
  30. Run a 10k
  31. Learn how to sew on a button {6.1.15 sewing lessons from my mama}
  32. Say no to 5 things that don’t make me happy {3/5 said no to happy hour when need to relax, no to work event that didn’t resonate, no to dinner when wanted to save, }

Family & Friends

  1. Send 5 “just for fun” gifts to friends {2 of 5 complete, sent a packed party to my bestie,sent a fun care package}
  2. Give each member of my family at least one awesome, unexpected gift  {mailed my sister the 5 minute journal}
  3. Write 10 thank you notes for something other than gifts {3/10 sent}
  4. Reconnect with my favorite boss from high school job
  5. Send Mom just because flowers
  6. Rekindle an old friendship
  7. Visit a friend out of state {Mel – LA, Gab/Clea – NYC}
  8. Take another girls trip {Hamptons weekend with the girls – August 2015}
  9. Plan afternoon tea with the girls {Sketch, London 2.7.2016}
  10. Take a trip with my mom and sister


  1. Take a photography class
  2. Learn how to better use lightroom
  3. Host an event
  4. Finish blog redesign
  5. Write all blog posts early {not the night before} for two weeks straight
  6. Create a shop page
  7. Buy new lens for DSLR
  8. Get a month ahead of schedule on guru posts
  9. Send past gurus pictures
  10. Post 2 outfits per week for a month
  11. Attend to 10 blogger events
  12. Spruce up Pinterest page
  13. Officially separate blog expenses from personal
  14. Update/scrutinize the guru questionnaire for improvement


  1. Travel to 5 new countries {4/5 – South Africa, Ireland, Marrakech, Germany}
  2. Travel to a new continent {March 2016 – Africa}
  3. Visit 1 country for longer than a week {South Africa}
  4. Eat Mexican food in 2 of those new countries
  5. Brush up on my Spanish
  6. Try 10 new restaurants {10/10 – Blanchette, Som Saa, Duck & Waffle, Sketch, Andina, Dishoom, Santo Remedio, Bottega Prelibado, Hoi Poi, The Orange}
  7. Stay in 2 new {to me} hostels
  8. Visit San Francisco {Thank you work trip!}
  9. Go skiing
  10. Visit Patagonia


  1. Try 10 new Chicago restaurants {4/10 :Fred’s, Reza’s, Bistro Zinc, Blackbird, Girl and the Goat, Duseks, De cero, }
  2. Visit 2 Chicago museums
  3. Explore a new neighborhood
  4. Eat in China town
  5. Eat in little Italy
  6. Visit the Willis Tower
  7. Go on the Segway tour
  8. Plan a staycation
  9. Go kayaking on the Chicago river
  10. Go to 3 street festivals {1/3 Randolph street fair – highly recommend it, yum}

Just for fun

  1. Leave 100% tip for great service
  2. Watch the sunrise
  3. See a Broadway play {Lion King, unreal}
  4. Take a tennis lesson
  5. Make 10 new recipes {10/10 quinoa enchilada casserole, chicken quinoa salad, kale caesar, thai red curry, thai meatballs, lemon salmon, zucchini noodle pesto, Oatmeal cookies, Potatoe Curry, apple crumble pie}
  6. Take a wine tasting class
  7. Try 3 new work out classes {9/3 – Trainology, barry’s bootcamp, 1Rebel Rumble, 1Rebel reshape, Reformer, Abs & booty bootcamp, Power Yoga, Psycle, Soul Cycle}
  8. Start a book club
  9. Go bungee jumping {sorry mom}
  10. Throw a dinner party {NYE!}
  11. Try a new hair style {not bangs, been there done that} {chopped 5.14.15}
  12. Learn how to fishtail braid
  13. Print the pictures and finish photo album from last Europe trip
  14. Go rollerblading
  15. Splurge on Stubbs and Wootton flats
  16. Get a facial {Dani at LPA is the best! – 5.16.15}
  17. Play mini-golf
  18. Do one pull-up
  19. Take a road trip
  20. Start a new tradition
  21. Put $50 on black next time I’m In Vegas
  22. Send a Christmas card
  23. Sail in a sailboat
  24. Put $10 in savings for every goal achieved
  25. Write the next 101 things list


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Mother’s Day gift guide

I love giving my mom something she will use/wear all the time and that she wouldn’t buy herself.  I know she would live in this cashmere sweater {gotta go splitsies on it with the sibs} and this camel tote.  I also love giving her something we can do together – like this cook book with an invitation to a cooking class at The Chopping Block or an invitation to afternoon tea with a picture frame to capture the memory.  She spoils me all year long, it’s only fair to return the favor!
// Shop all my picks below //
Happy Monday!

Random things on Thursday

Untitled #70

1. How to wake up with perfect hair – you guys, I’m two months into this whole wash-your-hair-every-other-day thing and dare I say I’m starting to like it?  But I’m not going lie, some days I wake up and it’s a struggle to make-a-do.  I couldn’t agree more with Santiago, with my straight hair, it’s all about adding some texture {or succumbing to a messy bun}.

2. Never buy a rotten avocado again – How did it take me so many years to learn this little trick? It. is. genius.  Yeah, I felt a little creepy picking up 20 avocados and looking under the stem, but you better believe it was worth it when I cut into that perfectly yellowish-green deliciousness.

3. 5 fresh ways to wear flares – because I’m addicted to flare jeans and everyone keeps asking me why!

4. Healthy food in diagrams – This is the ultimate cheat-sheet – cooking edition.  Including but not limited to: how to cook all different types of grains, quick salad dressing recipe, healthy baking substitutions,  DIY hummus, AND the cutest {and smartest} mason jar salad on the go. Bookmarked.

5. How to become a morning person – As you know, my mission to becoming a morning person is in full swing and I can’t say enough great things about it.  I started really slowly, waking up 15 minutes earlier than my usual time, and have gradually built up to an earlier alarm.  I can really feel a difference in my mood throughout the day when I have some “me time” in the morning {especially when my work schedule is pretty out of my control in the evenings}.

6. BB dakota spring lookbook – How cute is every single piece in the BB Dakota Spring lookbook? I’m eyeing the black and white striped two-piece and the white floral sweatshirt. Gimme.

7. Currently listening to – Cheerleader by Omi // Currently reading podcasting – The Lively Show. I am binge listening to Jess’ show and cannot stop.  She talks about everything from how to listen to your intuition to coping with wrinkles.  Seriously, her guests are so inspiring and I wish I could give her a hug.

Happy Thursday!