Summer Eats!

I have seven days left in my little apartment {sigh} before I crash with a friend for a few months while I’m in between places.  Since I’ve been gone for a few weeks, my fridge was literally empty, so before I went to the store I decided to play a fun game – use everything I have left in my pantry to make meals before I move.

I started flipping through Cooking Light {yes I like to browse the actual magazines like a granny} and so far this week I’m two for two on seriously delicious {and easy} eats.  Below is my line-up for the week:


Sunday I made Shrimp Arrabbiate, a spicy shrimp dish, but instead of pasta I used couscous because why do I have 6 boxes of cous cous?  I had all the ingredients necessary {wine, obvs. Shrimp, onion, garlic – check, check, check. And a few others staples.}  The only two missing were fresh basil and red bell pepper.


Bachelor Monday {!!!} my friends and I tried our hands at a thai basil dish {we subbed shrimp for red meat and added some extra heat} and it. was. delicious.  It was lighter than a pad thai, super easy to make and again I had most ingredients on hand.


Tonight I’m going with a ridiculously easy and delicious quinoa enchilada casserole.  I hate using the word casserole because it reminds me of a yucky creamy something, but I swear this one doesn’t disappoint.  I mean it’s Mexican food, can it go wrong? I think not.


Did I mention I love Mexican food? Wednesday I’m making Huevos Rancheros tacos because why eat Mexican food one day a week when you can eat is every day?  Also, because I have so many eggs and black beans that I could feed the Duggars.


Thursday I’m super excited to try these spinach quinoa cakes because I’ve attempted a few of these recipes and haven’t found one that I love.  Hopefully this one is a keeper.

By the end of the week I’ll have a few new recipes under my belt and an almost-empty cupboard.  Also, my grocery bill was half what I normally spend.  I mean, I know sometimes when I go to the grocery story hungry things can get out of hand, but does planning/buying specific ingredients per meal per day help that much? Apparently so.  Am I the only one that didn’t know this?

See my full summer recipe line-up here



Random things on Thursday



Happy Thursday! I’ve been in Orlando all week for training and am so ready to be home and back in a normal routine – I’m craving a home cooked meal and some quality girl time! I’m also moving apartments over the next few weeks and am anxious to get the ball rolling! Stay tuned as I figure out where I’m going next…

I can’t stop checking on these distressed jeans shorts but I’m thinking these would be a great back up option if the others sell out {and such a bargain!}.  My shopping fast is more than halfway over but I don’t think it has stifled any piece of the shopping habit {addiction?}

A healthier-ish mac & cheese – because I’m starving right now and not only does this look delicious but also seems fairly simple to make.  If it appeared next to my computer within the next 5 minutes I wouldn’t be upset…

Summer houses a la Vogue – How stunning are these homes? One of my favorites things to do when I’m in a new city is walk/drive/cruise around different neighborhoods and admire the local houses – I would be in heaven strolling past one of these.

25 habits that will make you smarter – After a few years of working in the corporate world it gets easy to lose the hobbies or interests that once motivated us.  When we always feel “busy” nothing ever seems to change.  But 10 minutes of commitment and effort each and every day has such a large impact over time.

The big problem for shopping for small bras – well if this isn’t the story of my life I don’t know what is…

101 things in 1001 days completed  – You guys, I’m slacking.  Going on vacation and then heading straight to Orlando for training  has thrown me off my game. But I have a few things in the works so I’m not too far behind, stay tuned.

currently listening to – Stitches // currently reading – Crazy Rich Girlfriend by Kevin Kwan {the sequel to Crazy Rich Asian – such a quick and fun read}


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Father’s days finds under $150

Father's Day Finds under $150

Where did June go? or May for that matter? How is Father’s day THIS Sunday?  My dad rarely splurges on himself, so we always give him something special that he wouldn’t buy and will get great use out of.  I’ve rounded up a few items on this year’s list and some cards because I take my card game very, very seriously.

My dad has been slaving away to create a beautiful outdoor patio and screened-in porch over the past few months, so I think these Moscow mule mugs or personal beer flight would be a nice reward for all of his hard work.  An outdoor sound system would be perfect for nights out on the new patio and this grill set is a bargain for $48 – that apron is just the cherry on top.

Good ole daddio also sees no need for shopping {where did I come from.. cough mom}, so a nice dress shirt, golf shirt, or some loafers is always a good call.

What are your Father’s Day favorites?

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Venice 06.08.15

Sorry for the radio silence these past few days – I was in London for the week for lots of fun and a bit of business.  Although I originally planned on posting through the week things got a bit overwhelming and I needed to take a time out.

But I’m back in business and sharing some of my favorite snaps from a surprise trip to Venice I took last Monday {literally booked my flight Monday morning and landed in Venice that night.} And holy gorgeous it was beautiful.  From the architecture to the sunshine, I felt like my head was on a swivel all day long trying to absorb everything.

As Venice wasn’t a planned trip, I wasn’t very prepared on the outfit front.  Thank goodness I packed a cute and so comfy romper in hopes of getting some sunshine.




Venice-Wilfred-Romper-Loeffer-Randall-Flats-10 Venice-Wilfred-Romper-Loeffer-Randall-Flats




ROMPER {on sale} // ESPADRILLES // NECKLACE // PURSE {Chloe via Luxury Garage Sale} // SUNNIES

Happy Monday!