PINSPIRATION // To chop or not to chop?


My hair is way. too. long. I can’t decide whether to give it a small trim or to go for a major chop.  I love being able to get up and go when I have longer hair because it’s heavy enough to pull it straight.  But I think I’m craving a bigger change.  Although shorter hair requires more maintenance, I keep pinning long bobs cut right around the collar-bone over and over…

I rounded up some of my potential options on my spring hair style board on Pinterest. Click here to check them out and then let me know – should I trim or chop?


Beauty mix up – Lash primer


A month or so ago, I walked into Sephora on a mission for a lash primer I wanted to try.  My method at Sephora is similar to Target, enter with a specific item in mind and put blinders on or you’re in danger of leaving with a new toaster that you cannot live without.  When I got home, I realized I grabbed the wrong primer {ugh}.  But I read the reviews and it seemed like a hit, so I decided to give it a try {way too risky to go back into Sephora}.  I couldn’t wait to show you guys the results, but fair warning these close-ups are intense.  I put my daily mascara on below with and without the primer, so we could compare the two.

1. bare lashes


3. Diorshow Maximizer primer on the left {it goes on white) // bare lashes on the right

{this picture is really creepy – I know- but look how much the primer lengthens!}


4. primer lashes on the left // regular on the right


Besides extra length, I’ve noticed the biggest difference in how long the mascara stays on my lashes using the primer.  Usually, by the time I take my makeup off at night, the majority of my mascara has fallen or faded.  I’m not kidding they are fully intact with this primer!

My silly mix up must have been fate.


my drugstore {beauty} favorites


Although a beauty splurge is occasionally unavoidable, some of the best beauty products are sitting on the shelves at your ordinary drugstore.  Below are a few of my favorite products, not only because they are easy on the budget {that always helps} but because they’re the best I’ve found – a higher price tag doesn’t always equal a better product.

CeraVe moisturizing lotion –  I prefer CeraVe because it’s not heavy or oily and it actually feels like it’s absorbing into my skin. And because winter in Chicago is not a joke.  I’ll take all the moisturizing I can get.

Catwalk root boost – I confessed my love for roost boost a few weeks ago in my top 5 volumizers post {here}. Not only is the price right ($8) but it gives a great amount of volume without weighing down my hair or leaving residue.

Suave dry shampoo – So I’m giving the whole not washing my hair every day thing a try and I’m not going to lie, it’s been a rocky few weeks.  I mean honestly, I look like an alien when I wake up {it’s not my fault I have a scar on my head that causes a mild-to-serve cowlick every.single.night.}, so it’s better for everyone if I wash my hair.  But I know it’s not healthy and I’m working on it, with the help of my new best friend, dry shampoo. So far, this Suave dry shampoo has worked wonders on keeping my second-day hair looking and smelling fresh – if only it fixed cowlicks.

Bed head by TGIF hairspray – I’m not a big hairspray kinda gal, but sometimes I just need a little something to keep everything together.  This hairspray does a great job holding my hair into place without leaving a residue or making it crunchy {because, ew}.  And it smells amazing.

Neutrogena makeup remover wipes – I know, I know, I was hating on make-up wipes less than a week ago, but they’re only the devil {the article’s words, not mine} if you don’t wash your face afterwards.  I have tried a few different kinds of makeup wipes and these are the only ones that are sensitive enough for my skin and easily remove my makeup.

L’Oreal Voluminous millions lashes and L’Oreal Telescopic mascara  – it doesn’t get better than this mascara combination. Voluminous millions ($7) creates tons of body and the brush doesn’t allow the mascara to clump on your lashes.  And adding a layer of the telescopic mascara ($8) creates such length and smooths out any uneven product – it’s 100% better than any designer mascara I’ve tried.

Olay complete SPF 30 – I know wrinkles are inevitable but I’m doing my best to avoid contributing to the issue.  Whether I’m planning to be in the sun all day or heading straight for my cubical {sigh}, I apply this base moisturizer with SPF every morning.

Aveeno BB cream – this cream is a nice alternative to a tinted moisturizer. I discovered it the morning after a very late night out with friends and my roommate looked a little too radiant for that Sunday morning. She told me she applied a new BB cream and I went out and bought it that same day.  I use it in the winter because my alternative tinted moisturizer {Bobbi Brown’s CC cream} is a hint too dark for the pale situation I have going on.  The BB cream goes on really light but does a good job blending any imperfections and adding a subtle glow.


What are some of your drugstore favorites?


makeup starter kit

If you are either just starting to wear makeup or are a minimalist when it comes to your beauty routine, this post is for you. It’s all the bare necessities when it comes to creating a beginner or simple makeup look. When I was in junior high, I wish someone had come to me with this list so I wasn’t sporting the occasional turquoise blue glitter eyeliner…oh boy – those were the days. I have tested each of the items I chose below and have been going back to them for years. Additionally, each of these products can be used completely on their own so this makeup kit is completely customizable depending on what products you need or prefer.

mac concealer

Mac Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer: This should be everyone’s first concealer. It is multi-functional since it can be used under the eyes, as well as on the face over blemishes. It holds up all day and can be applied with your finger or a brush. This little jar will last you quite some time because a little bit goes a long way and you won’t waste any product since it’s in a pot rather than a tube.


bareMinerals Original Foundation: This is the most underrated foundation out there in my opinion. I’m not usually a fan of powder foundations {I love stick foundations}, but this stuff is amazing – I wear the color Golden Medium. It’s full coverage and looks dewy all day! I dislike the matte version of this, so make sure you grab the original one. It will even out your skintone and leave you looking healthy. The best part is you can wear as little or as much as you like – keep adding additional powder for more coverage. A lot of the time I leave the house just wearing this and mascara.


Cover Girl Classic Color Blush in Rose Silk: A little flush of the cheeks is always a good look as long as it’s not overdone. It’s an easy way to get a warm, sun-kissed look if you pick the right blush. This particular blush is the prettiest rosy color and it has a touch of shimmer so it doubles as a highlighter. I’ve used this blush on tons of people and it flatters everyone!


L’oread Paris Telescopic Mascara, Carbon Black: Absolute. Necessity. Mascara is everything. It’s one product that completely makes you look awake and put together instantly. I always say skip the top eyeliner, and just layer on the mascara. If you put some mascara on the bottom lash line, it will double as eyeliner if you gently press the brush against the roots of your lashes.


Kiel’s Lip Balm #1: This stuff is always with me. It moisturizes the lips yet looks like you are wearing gloss – you will fool everyone.