simple ways to glam-up a room

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When it comes to home decor, I typically err on the side of “less is more”  – but I do like to add a hint of glam.  As I’ve slowly added pieces to decorate my apartment I’ve found that is doesn’t have to break the bank and I keep coming back to the same four things…

1// fresh flowers  – this is such a simple way to add color and texture to any room. A room always feels complete with a fresh bouquet from the farmers market or more recently, a baby poinsettia to get into the holiday spirit {thanks Katie!}

2//table books – I have a slight obsession with table books – they are so chic and add a pop of color. A pretty stack of books can turn a bare coffee table into a beautiful focal point, plus they are so fun to flip through and are an amazing source for style/travel/life inspiration.   I’m currently loving this, this and this.

3//mirrored accents – trays, a clock, an e, a candle – adding a little sparkle to every room can’t hurt right? Mirrored accents are an easy way to add hints of glam without overdoing it with a full blown sparkle wall {even though I wouldn’t be opposed…}.  The two mirror trays on my ottoman were such a steal from home goods a few months ago but this and this are so similar and both on sale!

4//pops of color – a week after I moved into my new apartment I walked into my bedroom and realized every single thing in the room was white.  In my defense, I did want the room to be white, bright, and airy but I think I took my theme to a bit of an extreme.  So gradually I started adding small pops of color – a bright colored e for my shelf, a display of my jewelry, and this framed print {i also love this and this}.

I’m far from done with decorating my apartment but it’s slowly coming together!


fall candles

As much as I complain about the winter in Chicago, there’s a small part of me that secretly gets excited for the things that come along with it. Every fall I stock up on candles that I usually wouldn’t buy during the year just because it’s fun and I can get away with different scents without having my boyfriend complaining that it smells like Cinnamon Rolls in July.

It’s almost that time – when we make sure we are fully stocked up on hot chocolate, movies, and all things cozy so we don’t have to step foot outside unless completely necessary. Somehow an apartment that smells like sorority rush and watching corny Christmas movies all of a sudden sounds like a great idea…

The candle shopping is already underway and here’s what I’ve stocked up on so far:

fall candles

 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

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pillow talk // white bedroom accents

Pillow Talk


I’m settling into my new apartment and my bedroom is exactly what I wanted: white, bright, and airy.  The only thing missing is the perfect collection of accent pillows.  I want a mix of fun sizes, shapes, and textures but there are just too many amazing options.  Do I want grey and white with a hint of pale blues and pinks, or do I want a major pop of pattern and color with navy accents?

//  shop my picks {because if i can’t decide someone should} //

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floating shelves


I’ve always thought floating shelves were an amazing way to fill a blank wall and display your favorite decor items. It wasn’t until recently that I took the plunge and decided to incorporate them into my apartment. In addition to looking very clean and polished, they take up less room than a bookshelf or a shelving unit, which makes a room look larger… and living in a one bedroom apartment in Chicago, let me tell ya, every inch counts! What I love most about floating shelves is that they are so customizable; you can order them in any size and there are so many different ways to hang them to create a unique shelving space.

When I moved into my apartment I had a blank wall for MONTHS. I knew I wanted floating shelves, but couldn’t find the perfect shelf size or color until I found these custom-made shelves on Etsy from Mr. Selecta. They are super affordable yet so well made and I think they complete the room!

Since you can design the size of the shelves they are also great for a small space to add a little something different {and utilize all the space you can}. I love how the shelves look in a bathroom to fold your towels on and display any lotions or toiletries. I smell a new project?? Here are some of my favorite floating shelf looks for bathrooms:




Thank you for reading!

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