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It’s no secret I have a thing for gallery walls {blogged here and here} – sourcing most of my pieces from markets while traveling and from Etsy.  I recently discovered another new-to-me website with amazing prints that is etsy-esque called Minted.  It’s a marketplace for independent artists who submit their prints in various competitions and then sell them using Minted’s manufacturing, shipping, and customer service.  I love the whole concept of Minted – not only does it give the artists more exposure but it makes their work accessible to everyone.  The prints are high quality and so affordable – especially if you choose to frame the print yourself.

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I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to share my travel wall and floating shelf designs – but better late than never!

The idea for my travel wall was born when my sister sent me a vintage map of Paris a few weeks before our last adventure together in Europe.  I picked up one special item/memory piece in each location {a pencil drawing of the Ponte Vecchio, an elephant from a market, a photo on our Cinque Terre trek} and combined those with a few items from my other favorites in this big ole’ world.  I love that this collection is something I can continue to build on as I grow and experiences new places.  And it’s also fairly inexpensive to execute {2 for 1 frames at Michael’s, inexpensive but adorable Etsy prints, street artists paintings, a table book, and my little wishbone all for under $150!}


E {similar} // KC PRINT // & // STOP and SMELL the ROSES //BOOKS {similar} // DIFFUSER

This next set are the floating shelves in my bedroom.  My bedroom is really bright and white {white bedding, white dressers, white shelves, white, white, white}, so I like to add splashes of color and personality with my decor.  Although I’m always rearranging stacks of table books {yes, I may have an addiction} or adding new trinkets, I try to keep the over all vibe classic and simple and most importantly, meaningful to me. So yes, I was given a purple bunny rabbit for Christmas, made by my sweet niece, and I had it on display for months {his head is struggling to stay on, so he’s currently on bed rest} and it made me smile every single day.

Rearranging/adding to/taking from a space in your home is such a quick and easy way to refresh a room.  It doesn’t always need to be with something new – take a frame from the living room and swap it with one in a different room, swap a candle with the diffuser, change or add a new book to the stack {ha}. The warmer weather always inspires me to switch things up!

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gallery wall 2

I recently took a shelf down {precautionary measure – it was barely hanging on} and I’m left with a completely blank slate {wall} as a result.  I’m envisioning a simple {but awesome} gallery wall with a few pieces of wall art, a couple of my favorite homemade art treasures from my nieces and maybe a framed scarf or two?

I’ve been wanting to frame vintage Hermes scarfs in my bedroom for months now and the shelf {almost} falling is a solid reason to make it happen {warped logic, but whatever}.  I love the blue hues of this one but I also love the blue and red here.  The SS print shop is the other key ingredient to my little gallery of heaven, Stephanie’s prints are the perfect accent.  I’ve been eyeing this glam print but there are too many options, how’s a girl to decide?

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DIY makeup brush holders


Maybe it’s just me but when I buy a nice candle I feel so bad throwing away the glass jar. Some of the jars are so pretty and you can tell the company isn’t skimping on the quality. My favorite are the Le Labo candle jars because the glass is thick and sturdy. When I was in need of a new place to store my makeup brushes, I remembered reading in a magazine ages ago about how to prepare and reuse old candle jars {or any jar for that matter}. It’s super easy, saves money, and looks pretty on your bathroom counter.


1. Store the used candle in the freezer for at least a couple hours {this makes the remaining wax easier to crack and remove}. I usually just store them in the freezer until I need one for something :)



2. Remove from the freezer and use a knife or any sharp utensil to crack the wax and then dispose of it. One of my wicks luckily came out with the wax but the other didn’t.



3. Pour some boiling water into the glass to melt the remaining wick. Let it sit for about a minute and then use your knife to carefully remove it.


4. Peel off any labels as much as you can.

5. Grab a rough sponge and have at it – use some dish soap and scrub off any remaining wax or glue from the labels.


6. Dry off and add your makeup brushes!


I divide mine into face brushes and eye/other brushes to keep organized. If the glass ever gets dirty I toss it in the dishwasher {I tested at my own risk so be careful with thinner glass jars or ones made out of anything other than glass}.

Emily loves the Capri Blue candles at Anthropologie – they are way larger so no need to remove the leftover wax at the bottom. She puts some dry rice in the bottom of the candle and voila!




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